Hot Hats, Cool Heads

From beanies to berets, San Diego Hat Company offers over 700 different product SKUs. So when they asked Moxy to help with their semi-annual catalog and other assets, we knew organization and consistency were the keys to a smooth project.

Working with their in-house marketing and design team, we set forth a look for each season, while ensuring brand continuity from year to year. We also partnered with Pacific Plus for lifestyle and product imagery. From location & studio direction to laydown & product styling to design & production, we (ahem) wore a lot of hats.

By creating a clean workflow, Moxy streamlined the entire process, reduced errors, and delivered the catalog to the printer on time.

Today, eight years later, we still work with San Diego Hat, which has grown its market share and expanded into jewelry, furniture and other areas.

Brand / Creative

Photography / Video


Catalog / Print